Betty Boop for Halloween!!! :D

Last week, me and my co workers decide to break off the boring atmosphere we have in the office. And so as timely as it is, we planned to have a costume party. It was actually a bit hard to think of what to be on that day. I never wanted to spend a penny for the costume and so I opted to dig in my "aparador" and look for something interesting for my halloween costume. I found a red dress and viola! Betty Boop is what I had in mind.

I wanted to make it more interesting and not just be a girl in a red dress. I have got to be as comical as how betty boop looked in the cartoons. I tried to search for a wig that will give me the look of her widows peak hair but its kinda hard here in Manila to find one. And if ever I do, I bet it would cost me some amount buying from specialty stores. Good thing I found something on youtube that helped me in making the betty boop look possible. I found quite a few make up tutorial for the betty boop look but I have decided to imitate one because its simply for halloween. :D

My hair is short so I just had it curled since im going to put on some face paint for her signature widows peak. I bought pencil face paint in National bookstore ( and you guys can buy it in any stationary and bookstore around).

I am a bit unsure about Betty's dress. As far as I can remember, she does wear a red sweetheart dress. But I made some research and found out that she wears anything sexy and fun, and so I decided to stick with my old red dress and focus more on my make up. To finish the whole Betty Boop look, I bought a gold loop earring to wear. I also had my fishnets and red shoes and im off to as Betty boop! :)

It was indeed one fun halloween! One of the most fun I've had in years.