Sunday, October 11, 2009


Watching movies makes me reflect on the things that I have. I'm sure most of us are alike when I say we tend to compare the movies plot with our's. One of the teacher's I handle, Carol, was just talking about it last Friday. Recalling her faves such as Got to believe and One more chance, she fervidly stressed that after watching those, she felt like she wished her love life is as colorful as that what she have seen. It was funny for I somehow felt the same thing.

This afternoon, out of boredom, I grabbed some dvd's and started picking nice movies to burn my time. First on the list was The Proposal. Story was nice, although a little short on making me convinced they fell in love that easy, in a span of 3 or 4 days. It flew me into cupid's dreamland where love is real and where true love exist. I then thought of my own story presently. When will I ever find that movie-ish love story ending?

To be honest, my love story is way too interesting for Maalala mo kaya. People close to me knows this very well and I can say if I am a scriptwriter, i'll definitely get a grand slam. Bad thing is, my story is'nt a happy ending. Well, i know not all love story has a happy ever after ending.

Thinking the last movie was too mainstream and did disapoint me a bit, I decided to switch to indie this time. Then I found 100.

I cried the whole time I was watching it. I was wondering, Was the movie made for me? Haha. Its me! From the reason why she would die (could probably the same reason as why I would die), her relationships, her state in life, her views, her emotions, her plans. I was not as strong as the main character though. she faced her death with much bravado. she arranged her death as if she's arranging an event. If it was me, im sure I would cry all the time if I found out that i've only got a few months left to live. It gave me an idea though on how I would spend the last few days of my life.

Doing things that I havent done like spending my time with my best friend, skinny dipping, getting so high and so drunk, traveling, eating the "bawal" foods (haha), make love then break up with the love of my life, getting a beauty overhaul, being together with my whole family, and getting all the things done. I was hoping I would have enough time to make my death coiffed. It is better that way I guess.

It made me ruminate. I thought about the life that I am living and how I should live it. Am i living it right? Am I doing the right things? Should I be restarting my life. Whew, I know I need to. But restarting would not be an easy task.

Then I have decided to make a bucket list of the things that I badly wanted to do. It's for me to be "bolder" and "freer" in my decisions in life.

Starting now, I will live my life to the fullest. Do things that I want to do. I'll go back to school, hone my skills, be good at something. I will love with all my heart. I will have fun, I will laugh, I will be happy.

About my happily ever after? I guess my life would'nt end soon, i must have more time to find a great way to end my story.

Next up. My bucketlist. :D

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