My wedding day..

I have been preparing weddings. Coordinating it, handling every single detail for a perfect wedding a couple would worry about. I have been to numerous weddings of course. Different kinds I may say. It made me think of visualizing and planning my own wedding.

Earlier this month, I cant stop imagining my perfect wedding. My good friend Tara can attest to that. Everything, from the color motif to the venue, to the very littlest wedding detail is all ready!

I have always been a beach bum and I have always loved the beach. Guess what? I want a beach wedding.! I want turquoise for my motif, it looks lovely on the beach. I want to wear a very simple white sundress, I want my groom to wear a simple white summer shirt, we would both be wearing flip flops for our footwear. Same thing with all our entourage and our guest. I want them to wear anything summery and comfortable, no gowns, no tuxedos, just simple summer outfits would do. I want it to be just before the sunset so that the backdrop will be perfect. I want lots of starfishes for the decoration.

I imagine that it would be a perfect summer day. I imagine a very intimate wedding, just me and my grooms closest relatives and friends. I want everything to be fun. I want house music playing on the background as we have the wedding party. I want the wedding to be comfortable both for me, my groom and our guests. I want my wedding day to be spent like a summer holiday for everyone who eill attend. Wow, I think that it would be really awesome!!!

Now all I have to do is to find a groom… :)