Thursday, June 11, 2009

hitback (90's) im so nostalgic!!!

I had a dose of nostalgia today. I then remebered the 90's. Oh the good old 90's

It was the era when MTV is hot and the boybands were gods. It was the time when I was young and happy and i have very simple dreams. Thats the time when life was less complicated, that was when all i think about is how to pass the exams, to go to a good school in college. It was simple, and today I remember everything I felt that time. The "kilig" felt from seeing the highschool crush, the things me and my barkada were talking about, i smell once again the cologne i was using that time. Hay, what a nice time in my life...

Then the BOYBANDS flashing through my memories along with those thoughts. Everything 90's was POP! I so love the silly boyband dance moves.Im so into the whole swimming pool thing where they wear white shirts and they look oh so hot in their thin boy next door physique. I so love it when they sing in the rain, the way they point their fingers towards the camera as if they were singing to you, looking into your eyes. *sigh*

Ooops, time for a meeting now. Back to reality once again. But damn it felt good! Enjoy!!!

1. is there someone out there - code red

2. can we talk - code red

3. say it once - ULTRA

4. all i have to give - BSB

5. tearin up my heart - n sync

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