I am a catholic girl... :)

I was raised a strict catholic. I studied gradeschool and highschool in a private school run by dominican nuns, then I studied college in a catholic university. I memorized the mysteries of the holy rosary, attended mass not just on Sundays but all days of the week if possible. Monday for St Joseph in Anonas, Tuesday for St. Anthony of Padua in Bustillos, Wednesday for the Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Redemptorist church in Baclaran. Thursday for St. Jude Thadeus in Malacanang, then for Friday, Black Nazarene in Quiapo. I have somewhat memorized all the novenas for each saints. I have studied the doctrines of the church, I have attended catechisms and joined various prayer meetings on my early years. I was raised a good catholic.

I value my religion. I have an understanding about the Holy Trinity, Mother Mary and invoking of the Holy Spirit. I knew about the difference of mortal and venial sins, how to ask for forgiveness and how to be forgiven by confessing. I know many things for sure, and I am proud to say that the foundation that I have is on an absolute high as a catholic.

As numbers in my age increase, as people I know started to vary, as relationships I have differ from one person to the other, as I am being exposed to different kinds of principles, as I open my eyes on what things are happening around, as I mold my own thoughts and rationales about my decisions, I came to agnize my own sentiment. I have recrudesced my own views about the good and the bad.

Go to mass every Sunday. Don’t curse! Don’t lie! Never watch porn! Never have premarital sex! Homosexuality is a sin! Sly away from immorality! Etc etc etc… these are the things we are all taught to so and not to do, or not to have, or even not to think about. Hhmmm.

I am expected to be virginal. To be prim and proper. To be naïve about iniquity. But everything about it is around me, and I have been taught by these things some important lessons in life. My views about certain immoral things are admittedly indeed immoral, that is in the point of view of a close catholic. If we simply follow the church's teachings, we should know, well, I should know. I am not going to have it in detail coz CBCP might call my attention if I do so. Hahaha!

The thing is, doing good results positive outcome, doing bad in the other hand results into negative outcome. As long as you are doing the right thing, you are prepared for the consequences that it may have cause, then you are just going to be fine.

I have been reading a book entitled 50 Self Help Classics written by Tom-Butler Bowdom. In this book, he listed 50 of the best self help books that you can use as a guide. One of the books that he had included is the Bible, which is said to be the best selling book of all time. Indeed it is true that the book itself and the gospels will give a lot of wisdom to the reader. Weather you are a catholic, a muslim, or an atheist, as long as the stories in the book inspires you and you get knowledge from it then it must be something that will serve as your guide to your principles in life.

I haven't stopped attending the holy mass, I haven't stopped praying as well. Everyday I pray for guidance and for strength. But there are certain things that I don’t agree with anymore in the teachings and principles of the catholic church.

I am a thinker and I would like to see myself as a fair judge. Not because I am catholic does it mean that I don’t respect other peoples precepts about their own religion. I might not have been practicing what I used to practice before as a catholic, but I can definitely say that my faith still binds me with my God. I am happy that I still believe that there is a higher being taking control of my life. I find strenght in Him whenever I have nothing to draw strenght from. I think I am doing good so far. I hope I am doing good. Sunblock wont help at all in hell. Haha.