My Brains are Bigger than my Boobs.

Some say that having big breast is an asset. I do agree. I have an idea of how the breast augmentation industry is making millions of profit and I would have to say that I have been blessed and needed not to have one. For some time, I have enjoyed the attention from men that it allows me to have but just yesterday, with a weird strike of craziness, I resented having these.

Just yesterday, I hated being busty. I kinda love it before but since I have been having troubles trying to look for something to wear that wouldn’t appear as if I’m showing off my big breast, or getting a little bit of respect the very least if I’m strolling down the street and guy’s eyes are fixed into my breast while I walk. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the attention. In my wicked sense of mind, I loved it when I’m being stared at and admired for my assets but I realized something that daunts me.

I have thought that it is somewhat hard to gain immediate respect from other people if you are a big breasted woman. Promptly, men would think about sex the moment they had a sight of your jiggly bossom.

I have asked and researched about how men truly feel about big breast. Is their fixation to these only a sign of perversion? Or is there a biological reason as to why they get magnetized by big breasted women?

According to some studies, men’s fixation with big breast is a result of their arrested development on their mothers own breasts. It has been stated as well that some men base their preference on the cup size according to what their mother’s have, meaning a man whose mother’s cup size is of 34B, would likely opt a woman with the same cup size.

Big breast are also associated with fertility. The bigger it is, the more fertile a woman look like. It is actually compared to a peacock’s tail as a sign of fecundity.

To think of it, the idea seems to be a little bit sweet. For guys to actually have an infantile fixation to their mothers is heart warming, but because of the stereotype that women with big breast are “slutty” or “easy” and that most men like big breast, the thought seemed aweless.

It’s as if women’s breasts are public property – the bigger they are, the less they belong to the person to whom they are attached, and the more it is seen as acceptable to stare, make comments and to de-humanise their owner. Pretty obvious especially when someone with huge tits walk on a crowded room, all eyes on her.

That got me thinking. Do I really want to grab someone, or everyone’s attention by having huge bumpers? Primarily, I know that’s what they will look at me, but I can utterly shout that “My brains are bigger than my boobs!”

I have thought about this famous line said by Joyce Jimenez and so I thought of doing a little research about her educational background and any information that would prove that the line is true. I have googled her and found something in wikipedia and to my dismay, a found a line that made me feel uncomfortable, almost contradictory of the famous line she once said.

"Joyce Jimenez was born in Los Angeles, California to Filipino migrant parents. Her real name is Joyce Herrín Reintegrado. She is well known for having large real breasts. Jimenez grew up in the Los Ángeles area where she studied at Bishop Amat High School in La Puente, California. She was accepted to UCLA but decided to forgo schooling to move to the Philippines; most recently she finished a college degree at a university in Australia."

Source :

What the heck? Do they really have to say that she is well known for having large, real breast? Talk about showcasing what she has.

In the end, it is true. Not because we do have big tits, huge boobs, and humungous breast does it mean we are to be scrutinized and tagged as something we are not. The pigeon hole of having big breast is difficult. We’ve got to work extra hard to mis conceptualize what other people think about us.

Then again as one of my good guy friend told me once. Just take the attention, and take the lusty look as a compliment. Hmm, I guess having these twins has its plus and minus.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm... if you got it, use it.