Ms. Stress. Mistress.

How to de – stress:
1. A lot some quality time for yourself.
2. Do what you like to do, do what pleases you. Such as sleeping for long hours, or drive around the city in the middle of the night so that there are no traffic jam bugging you, singing your heart out while doing that.
3. Run a mile.
4. Swim lapses.
5. Eat a slice of oreo cheesecake (without bearing in mind how much calories it is)
6. Play with the kids. Cavort to exhaustion.
7. Go to the mall and bring a very “okrayera” friend. Create an imaginary scorecard for the hot guys and for the very “baduy” girls who are passing by.
8. Relieve old times. Remember how you felt for someone in highschool. Be nostalgic.
9. Crack silly childhood jokes.
10. Massage… (thanks Wensha!!!) haha.

*hey mistress how’s it going? Hope all is well with you and Mr. Sadge. The out of town escapade is coming. Are you excited? I bet you are…
Doctor and patient. As what was discussed and decided. Very good. A very ironed plan. Kudos to the both of you…